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Marcy K.

Marcy K.


It fit very nice. I am so not used to seeing myself it that kind of bra, but this bra looks really nice without a shirt and also looked good with a lower cut shirt so my cleavage was showing. I liked the little embellishment in the center of the bra. It gave it a little something extra but not over the top.

Amalia P.

Amalia P.


This is the type of bra that you wear but you forget you are wearing one. It as conformable and it provides good back support. It has a natural appearance when wearing it, specially for larger breast by not making it appear larger than it is. Straps are smooth and won't leave a mark on shoulders at the end of the day. Essential for every day basis.

Suzy S.

Suzy S.


Love them, the pink is sexy! I like how there’s a little give that gets you a perfect fit. Also, I like that it’s not molded, so it’s my boob. I can’t think of improvements. Oh...and if it helps, my husband says it makes my boobs look way better in these bras!

Bandit is a tribe of beautiful, fierce, full-chested women.

Our bond is the bra.

And you’ll find that here, a bra represents so much more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a foundation garment in every sense of the phrase...

Our breasts unite us. We celebrate our individuality, our self-expression, our buxom beauty and the fullness of the female experience. And fit is everything to us ...

Our founder, Simona, is a large chested woman herself. She knows EXACTLY how hard it is to get a great fit in a high quality bra.

She spent most of her twenties in an ill-fitting bra from a well-known brand name. Then, a friend insisted she get herself properly measured in a specialty store.

It was a revelation - bras that fit! Amazing … until she saw the bill. $75, $100, $150 and even $200 per bra. Absolutely unacceptable.

Still, without other options, she would save to buy two good bras a year and then wear them until the wires came through.

Something had to change. Wasn’t there a middle ground between the gorgeous $200 bras she loved and the $35 granny bras she hated?

And so the dream of Bandit was born …

Simona searched for two years -- a journey full of sweat, tears, traffic, and mortifying fit nightmares - before walking into a certain bra showroom in Europe.

There she found one gorgeous bra after another, all in her size! It was like heaven, if heaven took orders and used only the finest materials to make bras specifically engineered for large-chested women.

She knew she had to bring this European brands to America

It wouldn’t work on a bra-by-bra basis. It had to be a subscription model. That way, Simona could keep the price of the bras well below standard retail and offer members all the best perks, like free size exchanges, free returns, and Bandit exclusive designs.

Bandit is her dream come true. So when you put on your first bra from us and love it, be sure to reach out and let us know!

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If you don’t love the bras you get from us, you don’t have to keep them.

At Bandit, we’re all about ease of purchase, and that includes ease of exchange and return. Any bra that doesn’t fit can be exchanged FREE OF CHARGE for a different size. Any bra that doesn’t work for you can be returned for a full refund.

So if you’re ready for the best bra experience of your life … if you know your breasts deserve real comfort, support, and style … it’s time to take action.

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