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Hello, gorgeous.

We’re happy you found us. At Bandit, we’re a beautiful tribe of fierce, full-chested women.

Our bond is the bra.

And you’ll find that here, a bra represents so much more than just a piece of clothing. It’s a foundation garment in every sense of the phrase...

Our breasts unite us. We celebrate our individuality, our self-expression, our buxom beauty and the fullness of the female experience. For too long, we’ve had to put up with bras that don’t fit, cost a fortune, or just plain aren’t available in our size.

Now, Bandit’s subscription service brings gorgeous, high-quality, European-made bras sourced from trusted brads. Delivered to your doorstep.

No need to trek to a distant, tiny bra boutique. And, no need to pay a fortune to own just one good bra when you can afford to have a whole lingerie drawer full of them as a Bandit online store member.

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  1. Ease. Of everything. Especially purchase.
  2. Customer education. As a right and service.
  3. A proper fitting for every lady.
  4. The meticulous curation of our collection. Our CEO tries every style personally before adding it to the Bandit catalog.
  5. A bra for every moment of your lifestyle. Not a bra for life.
  6. Sisterhood. These girls stick together!
  7. The flesh. Mounds and mounds of it. Insatiable and reigning over all.
  8. High quality. High style. High roads.
  9. Transparency and decency.
  10. Love and lust. Never war. Unless it was caused by love and lust in the first place...


  1. Big bra brands mistreating women in need of big bras. Big time.
  2. Feeling left out of the bounty of bras offered to our smaller-breasted gal pals.
  3. Shady commitments. You can cancel any time and take off with your bras for Bali.
  4. Gravity. Duh.

A Special Message From Our CEO, Simona

My name is Simona Goldin, and I’m CEO of Bandit.

In my life, I’ve spent a fortune on bad bras –- ugly, painful to wear, and terrible quality.

I’ve also spent a fortune on great bras – hard to find gems with sky-high price tags I treasured until they tattered. I bet you can relate.

Here we are, living in an age of body positivity and celebration of women’s many fabulous shapes and sizes, but trying to find a bra when you’re rocking anything bigger than a 34DD? It’s BEYOND frustrating.

You’ve been there. You know. I’m here to put an end to the frustration once and for all.

By personally trying on and curating every bra on our website, I can guarantee any bra you get here is a flattering, high-quality piece you can put on with confidence and pride.If it’s not good enough for my boobs, it’s not good enough for yours. For too long in my life, I put up with bras that were less than I deserved.

Now I know better – and I can show you the way to a better bra experience, too.

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