Bandit’s Fit Center: Your One-Stop Guide to Solving Bra Problems, Understanding Great Fit,
and Learning to Pick Better Bras For Your Breasts

A bra that fits …

At Bandit, our mission is to get you into a bra that actually fits you properly.

That means no more straps that fall down all the time, or dig painfully into your shoulders all day. No bra bands that make you feel like you’re being cut in half. No cups that squash you or leaving you hanging out inappropriately.

Your bra should support you, flatter your natural (or enhanced) shape, and be comfortable to wear. When you put it on, you should feel confidence and peace of mind … maybe even a little self-esteem boost, too.

After all, you -- every inch of you -- are glorious. You deserve the best, and this page is all about making sure you get it.

So let’s get started …

What does a good fit feel like and look like?


Initially, you start on the outside (last) hook, and the band will be quite snug. The fabric fibers in a bra loosen and stretch over time, so you’ll want a bra that feels like a strong hug in the beginning. You use the hooks to tighten it up as you go, extending the supportive life of your bra.


Straps need to be adjusted every time you put on the bra. Bras come with adjustable straps so you can customize the fit to your unique needs - don’t accept them as they come out of the box. They should rest snugly against your shoulders but not dig into your flesh (if you can just fit two fingers underneath the strap, you’ve got it right.)


The fabric and designed should cover and enhance your natural shape without prickling or poking. Underwire and support seams should feel “present” but not painfully so.


Your breasts should feel individually supported, and rest inside the frame of your arms about midway between your shoulders and your elbows. Naturally hanging a little higher or lower is fine, but you’ll want to avoid a bra that shoves your breasts up into your chin or leaves you drooping down into your waistband.

Given what Americans bra makers have conditioned you to expect, a proper fit in a European bra will make your breasts feel and look “perkier” or moreup-front-and-present than before. You’re not being pushed up or padded, but it may take a few days to get used to the sensation.

If you’ve got a smooshed uni-boob look, feel like your boobs are getting sliced in half, or feel like you’re muffin-topping out of your cups, that’s not a bra that fits. The same goes for any bra that leaves your nipples exposed, and if you’ve got enough extra room in your cups for your cell phone, keys, and change, it’s handy, but not the right size for you.


After you pull the straps up onto your shoulders, use your hand to do “the scoop” with your breasts. Gently pull your breast tissue away from your ribcage, so that the bottom of the cup and the band can lay flat against your ribcage with no tissue trapped in between them. Angle your breast tissue in from your armpits, so that the full mass of your breast falls into the main part of the cup. Settle your breast tissue and nipple into the body of the cup. You want to be comfortably supported with no pinched tissue, exposed nipples, or overflowing cleavage.

Standing up straight, allow your breasts to settle into place in the bra. Adjust your straps and make sure they aren’t twisted. The lean forward and shimmy your breasts a bit side to side. When you stop, check to see if any breast tissue has overflown or if there's too much room in the cup. This will tell you if the cup is too big or small. Readjust your straps if need be, check the rest of the bra to make sure everything comfortably in place, and then you’re good to go.

Solving Bra Problems

Bra Cup Problems

Help! my cups runneth over.

If you’ve got boob spilling out over the top of your bra or pouring into your armpits, it’s an issue with your cup size. Go up a cup size.

In the most dramatic cases, too-small cups cut into soft breast tissue to create a “quad boob” look. This is not a natural side effect of being busty. It’s your natural glory being squashed into a mini-bra, and in addition to being super unflattering, it often hurts. Why put up with that when there’s an easy solution?

These cups cave in. What gives?

When your cups wrinkle up or cave in, you need to go down a cup size.

One thing to keep in mind as you adjust between sizes - bras fit according to ratios. A 34 F and a 32 F don’t accommodate the same volume of breast tissue in the cups. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you adjust down a band size, adjust up one cup size. And, if you opt for a bigger band size, you’ll need to select the correspondingly smaller cup size.

Need to exchange the size you have for a different one? Log into your member area here and start an exchange right away. It’s that easy!

This bra makes it look like I’ve got a “uniboob” across my front.

In a properly fitted regular bra (not a sports bra) you shouldn’t have a uniboob effect. This look happens when your breasts are being pushed together, and can be caused by a bra that’s too small.

Verify your size here, and if you need to exchange your bra for a different one, go here.

My boobs keep spilling out. Help!

There are two things that could be happening here. One is that your cups may be too big, and you’ll want to try the next size down.

The other issue is that you may not be putting your bra on right in the first place. Are you making sure you lift and scoop ALL of your breast tissue into your cups when you put on your bra, so that your band is truly flush against your ribcage? Many women dress quickly and don’t take the time to do this, but it’s a great way to stop “boob seepage” and pinching around your cups.

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My breasts are different sizes. What do I do?

In this case, you’ll want to measure and buy your bras to accommodate the larger breast. You can add padding to the smaller breast to achieve a balanced look.

Need to exchange the size you have for a different one? Log into your member area here and start an exchange right away. It’s that easy!

Bra Band Problems

What does it mean if the back rides up on my bra?

If the back of your bra is riding up, your band is too loose. Tighten down to the next hook, or exchange your bra for a smaller band size.

I can’t get the center of the band to lay flat on my chest. What can I do?

For some of us, that center is never gonna lay perfectly flat on our chest. They’re called boobs, baby, and we got ‘em in spades.

However, that doesn’t mean you should be able to slide your hand up the middle of your bra. You want the band to be flush against your skin even if the center (called a gore) tips away from your chest. If the band doesn’t lay flat against your chest because your breasts are pulling it away from your body, go up a cup size.

Need to exchange the size you have for a different one? Log into your member area here and start an exchange right away. It’s that easy!

When I clasp the bra, I’ve got back fat bulges everywhere. Help!

A fast fix for the “back fat” look is to go down a band size. Yes, this is counter-intuitive …

A smaller band will fit lower on your back, giving more room for your natural self to lay comfortably. Many women go for larger bands that ride up in the back and cut into the natural cushioning below your shoulder blades, creating painful and unflattering bulges. Size down, and not only do you give yourself a better fit, but the smoother look can make it seem like you’ve lost 10 lbs.

Need to exchange the size you have for a different one? Log into your member area here and start an exchange right away. It’s that easy!

Bra Strap Problems

The straps are digging into my shoulders. What should I do?

I’m gonna assume you’re a smart girl, and you’ve already tried adjusting the strap length.

The next step is trying a bra with a bigger cup size. This will help put more of the weight support back on the band and take the load off your straps so they stop digging in to your shoulders.

You can exchange the size you have for a different one here, or review your size here

My straps keep falling down. What should I do?

Head to the bathroom to do it yourself or ask a friend to help, because you need to tighten up those straps!

You need to check your strap adjustment every time you put on your bra. We’re big chested ladies here, and as the day goes on straps can slide. You can’t assume that just because you set the strap length the last time you wore your bra things are still in the right place.

Properly adjusted, you should be able to fit two fingers under the strap and have it be tight against them. Anything looser, and you’ll experience that annoying slippage.

If you have the straps adjusted down as tight as they will go and they’re still falling off, your band/cup size ratio may be off. Verify your size here so you can order a better fitting bra.

Or, if you’ve done all the adjusting you can and the straps still fall down, check the age of your bra. The elasticity of the straps will erode as the bra ages, and after six months you’ll begin to notice more problems with the straps staying up.

Other Problems

I want my breasts to look perkier.

Great news - by switching from a US to a European-made bra, you’re going to get perkier looking boobs.

It’s all about how the bras are made. Everything from the fabric selected down to the stitching around the seams is designed to enhance your natural shape and bring your breasts front-and-center where they belong. In fact - without padding or push up inserts - the supportive seam structure on European bras will often have you looking and feeling “perkier” than you have in years.

This is different from many US styles, where molded cups and padded are very common. Yes, molded “seamless” bras can look great under certain shirts. Unfortunately, they offer very poor support to large chested women and have a tendency to make your chest look like a pair of oddly placed melons. So, here at Bandit, we’ve intentionally opted for the better support and natural perkiness of European designs.

My boobs are way too “perky” in these bras. Help!

Our CEO, Simona, says that was her experience the first few times she had on a European made bra that was properly fitted. “All of the sudden, my boobs were like, WHOA. Right there. It felt so different from what I was used to.”

But, she quickly adjusted. After a few days, she realized that she preferred her perkier look - and it was WAY MORE COMFORTABLE than her previous American made bras.

So, give it a week. And, compare your morning “WHOA” reaction to the perkiness with how you feel at the end of the day. The same styling that gives you that perkier look also helps you avoid back pain, soreness and discomfort by evenly supporting your individual breasts in a natural position.

However, if at the end of a week you still don’t love it, that’s okay. We have a love it or leave it policy at Bandit, so making a return is super simple. Just click here to get started.

The underwire is poking me.

Not fun, we know. It’s one of three things:

1. Your cup size is too small. Go up a cup size. Need a size exchange? Click here.

2. Your band is too tight. Try adjusting which hook you’re using to clasp your bra, or try a bigger band size.

3. Your bra is worn out, and the wire has come through the fabric. It’s time to tell that bra good-bye and replace it with a new one. See when your next subscription will arrive or update your subscription frequency here.

I got pregnant. What’s going to happen to my bra size?

The short answer is that you’re about to go through a period of major bra size transition. Over the next two years (pregnancy, nursing, and post-birth) you can expect to flow through three to four distinctly different bra sizes, with almost day-to-day variation at some stages.

This is completely natural and normal. You’re a gorgeous, wonderful human being in any shape, and keeping a positive attitude about your shifting size will help you find a great fit at every point.

Your rib cage may expand by as much as six inches, and during the engorgement phase, you may need a cup size that’s several sizes larger than your usual choice.

After the baby is born, measure yourself often and come back to us as your size stabilizes and/or you stop nursing. At Bandit, it’s easy to adjust your subscription sizing between shipments, so we can adapt with you as you settle in to your post-baby bra size.

Bandit Size Conversion Chart

Bandit Size Conversion Chart

Want to learn more about bra sizing, bra fit, bra care, and how your bras impact your image? Check out the Bandit blog and follow us on social media to continue the conversation.


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