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Drooping straps. Unflattering uni-boob. Not-so-sexy granny bras. No thanks!

We have all been there. For women with large busts, bra shopping can sometimes be tedious and frustrating. Perusing through the sales racks at our local lingerie store and struggling to find your size. Finding that the only bra that does fit your cup and band size isn’t as sexy as you hoped. Realizing that in one brand your size is this and in another brand your size is that. Finally finding the perfect bra, then checking the price tag…. Yikes! In the end, we always end up feeling unproductive after spending countless hours and a good chunk of money for a bra that is semi-fit for a queen. We might as well embrace the idea of wearing a sports bra forever.

Have you ever thought about buying a bra fit only for you? Where the cup size supports your bust, the band doesn’t squeeze you, and the straps aren’t laughably attached to add discomfort. Get ready to skip the lines to the department store dressing room and find your new bra bff. All you have to do is get measured at a specialty store, or even better, measure your bust with Bandit’s helpful guide, and allow someone else to fit you with a perfectly fitted bra. Genius, right? A perfectly fitted bra means no stress of having just one “good” bra for a year. And no more budgeting hundreds of dollars to find poorly fitted bras that don’t last for 6 months. Can you imagine having a bra that is meant for only you?

We were just as fed up as you are right now with finding ill-fitted bras. The unflattering outline of our boobs under out t-shirts definitely gave us anxious thoughts every time we wore those bras in public. That’s what was going on when Bandit’s CEO, Simona, went through the tailored bra experience, paid a fortune for a fitted bra in Europe, then decided to bring a promise to provide other women with better-fitted bras to the U.S. She created Bandit so that all large-breasted women can find a bra that they love and finally experience that bra satisfaction! From vivid red to modest nude, you can have your pick of one of our perfectly fitted bras for full breasts.

It’s time for you to find your perfect bra. Find the right bra and fit for you, using our Find Your Size Tool and fit experts (we call them our Bra Experts). Goodbye two-year old bra with the big hole in the back near the seams. Farewell my least favorite lace pullover bra that leaves a line around my waist. You have been replaced with a sexy, fitted bra forevermore.

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