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We Love Underwire! May 18, 2017 /

We Love Underwire!

Ladies, when it comes to our breasts, choosing whether or not to go the underwire route when buying a bra isn’t as difficult as deciding between two types of jeans. It's not a battle between comfort versus look. The support we need makes a whole lot of difference, as does the style of a larger sized bra.

For most bras, underwire is the norm. From push-up bras to demi bras, most bras you'll find have cups that are equipped with a thin plastic, resin, or metal underwire. When you go to your favorite store online or in-person, underwire may be your go-to choice. Sports bras, maternity and/or nursing bras, and bandeaus, however, are the most common bras that don’t feature an underwire. Wire-free have become more stylish in the most recent years, especially sports bras, and bras like bandeaus are even replacing underwire bras in swimwear. But can you expect them to provide defined support or as much comfort as an underwire bra?

Don't give up on your familiar underwire bras in exchange for your wire-free sports bra just yet. Sticking with your underwire bras has an ample amount of benefits. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to love the underwire bra:

Shape Your Bust, Shape You

Give them life, give them shape, give them symmetry! Your breasts need much more love than any part of your body. They grow and age with you through every era of your life. The purpose of underwire in bras is to support your breasts and help to prevent against sagging in the future. Padded bras can provide a boost to your bust, and unpadded bras can provide shape when they are lined with underwire. Stylish support isn’t hard to come by either. Whether you choose Bandit’s Cleo Floral bra or Selena Beige bra, underwire bras can look sexy in any design.

Fit Your Bra To You

With most underwire bras you can tweak and fit them to your bust. Adjustments are easy as can be. Are the straps too tight, bands too loose, and the cups lop-sided? No problem! Underwire bras are the best when you want to make any bra fit the comfort level you want. And if you are still worried about falling out of your bra, then you must be forgetting about the added feature of an underwire bra: The center bridge between the cups. This means more support for fuller breasts.

Invest In Your Comfort

If you have large breasts like me and are also endowed with a barrel rib cage, then finding a large size bra without an uncomfortable underwire may be a worry for you too. There is an easy solution! Avoiding cheaply made bras will help get rid of underwire breaking and poking through the fabric. For women with large bra cups, underwire will always reign over wire-free bras, whether it’s lightly lined or lined with sturdy metal. They will give you full support and make your breasts look perky, while providing comfort and versatility.

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