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How to Treat your Bra Like a Queen! June 08, 2017 /

How to Treat your Bra Like a Queen!

Women with large breasts have a special relationship with their bras… We don’t want sag, the dreaded uni-boob, or having to continuously adjust our bras straps in public. It’s because of this that we invest time and money in finding our ideal bras. We avoid those cheaply made bras that provide mediocre support for short periods of time. Because let’s be real: Bras for large-breasted women need to do a lot. They should provide full coverage, while comfortably supporting your breasts with straps that don’t cut into your skin and can be easily washed without getting creased or falling apart. Phew! So it stands to reason that once we find the perfect bra, we never want to let it go. That’s why you need to show your bras some love! Treat them like royalty by taking care of them like the hard-working queens that they are. Here’s how to take care of your bras so they’ll be around to support you for a long, long time.

Follow the instructions on how to care for your bra. Bras can be made from a number of different fabrics which have unique washing instructions, so treat them as you would any delicate clothing item you buy. Visit our FAQ page for more information on how to take care of your Bandit bra.

Try not to wear them several days in a row. Wearing your bra too often can cause permanent stretching and deterioration of the elastic and fabric in your bra, which can alter original shape of the bra. We recommend wearing your bra four times at the most before washing a Bandit bra.

Store your bras properly. You don’t have to invest in a high-tech, thousand-dollar closet just for your bras (although that would be amazing!), but you should be storing them well and not just throwing everything together in a drawer. Buy a drawer organizer specifically for your bras and neatly place them inside so they don’t get misshapen or bent.

Wash them with care. Sometimes the band’s hook can get caught onto other clothes, lace can tear, or it may end up wrapping around the drum of the washing machine. Therefore, you should make sure your bra band is closed before throwing them in with the rest of your clothes. If you have a gentle setting on your machine, choose that option instead of the regular washing settings. If you have the time, hand washing is an awesome way to make sure you are being gentle and preventing damage. There are special bar soaps and detergents specific to washing delicates that are a great option, as well as using a special bag for your bras and other delicates.

Beware of the dryer! Lastly, we recommend that you don’t put your bras in the dryer. High heat can destroy your bras fabrics and inner elastics. Instead of putting the dryer on low heat, lay your bra on a flat surface, let them air dry and they will be around to serve you for much longer!

What are some ways you take care of your bras? Any special tips or tricks that you’d like to share?

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