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When I go shopping a new bra, I already know what I want it to look like. Black, sexy, versatile, and underwire friendly. Then I begin my search through the racks and I don’t know which ones I should try on! One style will add two cup sizes to my already large breasts, while another style will make my breasts look uncontainable and another will make me worry about sag. When did bra styles become so complicated? Why can’t I just shop and enjoy any of the large bra cups for sale online and in stores?

Well, we have a list that we think may just make you more confident when trying on bras with unfamiliar bra cup styles. There are more than ten basic styles of bra cups, but we’ve slimmed the list down to the eight most popular styles. May your bra shopping trip be so much easier!

Demi – aka half of a full bra cup. The cups for a demi bra are at a designed at a right angle with the top of the cup curved leading to a low, plunging center. These can come with padding, so check before you buy. Everything from strapless to t-shirt bras have cups that come in a demi style.

Balconette – Almost identical to demi cup that it has distinguished by the low height of the cup, still situated above the nipple, but this type of bra has its straps set widely apart. Balconettes are ideal for low-cut shirts and lingerie bras.

Contour – Just as it sounds, contour cups are designed to be shaped like breasts. Often seamless around the cups, these types of bra have foam padding that aren’t as defining as push up bras. T-shirt bras fall in this category.

Full - Full cups mean you can confidently be covered and not worry about falling out of your bra. For those of us with large breasts, we all get excited for large size bras for sale when the cups offer full coverage. Keep this in mind if you are ever looking for big cup bras online.

Push up – This cup will be your best friend if you aren’t a fan of stuffing your bra like a teenager. It is designed to lift, enhance, create cleavage, or go up a cup size.

Nursing – Meant to be kind to your bosom and easy for mom, these bras allow you to breastfeed your infant with ease with cup flaps that open.

Wire-free – Usually soft and cozy against your chest. Depending on how much cover it offers, it can be friend or foe you are looking for a large size of bra. Sports bras, bandeaus, and soft cup bras fall under this category. Wire-free bras are typical labeled in small to large sizes of bra.

Stick-On/Adhesive Cups – These guys can be slimy and cold (I’m talking about those silicone ones!), but they stick to your breasts and allow you to feel nude without letting your breasts go unsupported. These bras provide temporary push up or coverage in exchange of your average strapless bras.

What’s your favorite style of bra cup?

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