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Introducing TheBanditShop.com: Empowering Curvy Women With Large Bust Bras That Fit! April 28, 2017 /

Introducing TheBanditShop.com: Empowering Curvy Women With Large Bust Bras That Fit!

Welcome to our beautiful tribe of fierce, full-chested women! For too long, we’ve put up with bras that don’t fit, cost a fortune, or just plain aren’t available in our size. Bandit’s new subscription service brings gorgeous, high-quality, European-made bras straight to your doorstep. As CEO of Bandit, I’ve travelled the globe to try on and curate a collection of the best large-bust bras the world has to offer.

I want to give every curvy woman the opportunity to wear a bra that truly fits and supports her, so I’m offering an incredible deal: visit TheBanditShop.com today to take advantage of our special launch promotion, 40% off your first box of two bras.

Most people don’t know that the average bra size has jumped to 34DD from the 34B it was 20 years ago. Women's bodies are changing and the bra market isn't keeping up. At Bandit, my mission is to empower busty women by giving you the tools to find your perfect fit and access to European-made bras specially designed for large busts.

It’s time to burn those pinching, pulling, painful bras! The majority of women above a C-cup have never worn a bra that fits properly. We deserve better. Most U.S. manufacturers use bra patterns designed for small breasts and simply increase the size, leaving busty women uncomfortable and unsupported. Bandit's high-quality, European-made bras are specially designed for large busts and come in a variety of sexy, cute and comfortable styles.

Before Bandit, the only option for busty women who wanted a bra that fit properly was to visit a specialty lingerie store, where fittings alone can cost over a hundred dollars. At TheBanditShop.com, you are empowered to find your true size by entering your measurements into Bandit’s Find Your Size interactive fitting form. Our Fit Center helps you discover what a great fit looks and feels like by walking you through our four-step, perfect-fit process.

At Bandit, we know a great price is just as important as a great fit. European-made bras start at around $80 retail. Bandit’s subscription plans slashes these prices, with individual bras costing as little as $40.

What we are selling is bigger than any bra. The Bandit online experience delivers a fierce, proud message of body-positivity and empowerment. We are ready to take our place in the growing movement of women who celebrate their bodies refuse to compromise.

Simona Goldin, Bandit CEO

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