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Are You A Secret Bra Killer? April 24, 2017 /

Are You A Secret Bra Killer?

Today, I’d like to address the overall lifespan of your bra. Women are always asking me how long a good bra should last. But, the answer depends on YOU. Are you secretly a bra killer? Here’s a quick quiz to find out … Do you wash your bras by hand? Have you ever put a bra in the dryer? Let’s see what your answers reveal!Read More

Introducing TheBanditShop.com: Empowering Curvy Women With Large Bust Bras That Fit! April 28, 2017 /

Introducing TheBanditShop.com: Empowering Curvy Women With Large Bust Bras That Fit!

Welcome to our beautiful tribe of fierce, full-chested women! For too long, we’ve put up with bras that don’t fit, cost a fortune, or just plain aren’t available in our size. Bandit’s new subscription service brings gorgeous, high-quality, European-made bras straight to your doorstep. As CEO of Bandit, I’ve travelled the globe to try on and curate a collection of the best bras for big busts the world has to offer.

I want to give every curvy woman the opportunity to wear a bra that truly fits and supports her, so I’m offering an incredible deal: visit TheBanditShop.com today to take advantage of our special launch promotion, 40% off your first box of two bras.Read More

We Love Underwire! May 18, 2017 /

We Love Underwire!

Ladies, when it comes to our breasts, choosing whether or not to go the underwire route when buying a bra isn’t as difficult as deciding between two types of jeans. It’s not a battle between comfort versus look. The support we need makes a whole lot of difference, as does the style of a larger sized bra.Read More

Introducing Ellebox: changing the way people experience their time of the month, every month. May 22, 2017 /

Introducing Ellebox: changing the way people experience their time of the month, every month.

In a lifetime, a person can use 10,000 pads and tampons, often without knowing that they contain harmful chemicals and pesticides! Well, we’ve recently discovered a company that set out to solve this problem. Meet Ellebox, an online subscription service that delivers organic tampons and pads straight to your door! But they are more than just another feminine hygiene company. The Ellebox online experience is there to help simplify your cycle. The company is committed to the growing movement of creating a conversation, access to and education surrounding menstrual health.Read More



When I go shopping a new bra, I already know what I want it to look like. Black, sexy, versatile, and underwire friendly. Then I begin my search through the racks and I don’t know which ones I should try on! One style will add two cup sizes to my already large breasts, while another style will make my breasts look uncontainable and another will make me worry about sag. When did bra styles become so complicated? Why can’t I just shop and enjoy any of the large bra cups for sale online and in stores?Read More

How to Treat your Bra Like a Queen! June 08, 2017 /

How to Treat your Bra Like a Queen!

Women with large breasts have a special relationship with their bras… We don’t want sag, the dreaded uni-boob, or having to continuously adjust our bras straps in public. It’s because of this that we invest time and money in finding our ideal bras. We avoid those cheaply made bras that provide mediocre support for short periods of time. Because let’s be real: Bras for large-breasted women need to do a lot. They should provide full coverage, while comfortably supporting your breasts with straps that don’t cut into your skin and can be easily washed without getting creased or falling apart. Phew! So it stands to reason that once we find the perfect bra, we never want to let it go. That’s why you need to show your bras some love! Treat them like royalty by taking care of them like the hard-working queens that they are.Read More



Drooping straps. Unflattering uni-boob. Not-so-sexy granny bras. No thanks! We have all been there. For women with large busts, bra shopping can sometimes be tedious and frustrating. Perusing through the sales racks at our local lingerie store and struggling to find your size. Finding that the only bra that does fit your cup and band size isn’t as sexy as you hoped. Realizing that in one brand your size is this and in another brand your size is that. Finally finding the perfect bra, then checking the price tag…. Yikes! In the end, we always end up feeling unproductive after spending countless hours and a good chunk of money for a bra that is semi-fit for a queen. We might as well embrace the idea of wearing a sports bra forever.Read More

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